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It is no secret that the Left loathes the Australia that provides us with a lifestyle and freedoms that are the envy of the rest of the world. They despise our democratic institutions and Western values. The leftist insurgency into Australian universities, bureaucracies and mainstream media tirelessly denigrates all things Australian whilst promoting tolerance of all that is opposed to free, democratic society. All those who do not fall into line behind the Left's ideocracy are branded right wing extremists and publicly vilified. Any house with a flag pole and Australian flag is condemned as the home of a racist. And anyone who questions the spread of Islam in Australia is subjected to personal abuse and possibly violence.

Our political leaders and public service elite, our media commentators and university academics have all cultivated a contemptuous and patronising attitude of purporting to know what is best for all Australians, but it's patently clear that these imbeciles are selling our nation out wholesale. None, apparently, believe that the way of life they enjoy - probably to a greater extent than the great unwashed have any opportunity to - is worth defending.

Australian - and indeed Western - universities are petri dishes within which are being cultured a viral melange of neo-Marxist, feminist and post-colonialist theorists, who argue that western civilisation is oppressive, racist, misogynistic and founded in histories and cultures that are no longer relevant. Any opinion to the contrary is either ignored, ridiculed or assassinated. In today's academic environment censorship is the norm, whilst challenging assumptions or speaking openly and freely is blocked or suppressed.

Western civilisation may not be perfect, but it has the unique characteristic of being able to self-critique and adjust. Western thought is based on reason, enquiry, analysis and discussion, rather than myth, superstition, here-say and hysteria. Yet today, illogically, academics and students alike defend Islam from "oppression" and the media - our self-appointed guardians of truth and freedom - follow suit. And why is it that feminists shrill about misogyny in Australia yet remain silent on the issues of polygamy, infant brides and female genital mutilation.

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To find out more about the widespread application of institutional censorship and the apparent stupidity of supposedly intelligent Australians, read the latest edition of FACE THE FACTS.

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We're a simple lot, we Australians. Our obsessions with sport and alcohol characterise our nation. Add some reality TV and our smart devices, and that seems to be us. Done. 24 Hours of every day occupied, with no time left for raising children, understanding the world around us, or having a thoughtful conversation with friends.

Little wonder, then, that our "Lucky Country" is disappearing out from under us. Little wonder that we haven't noticed how our once free, liberal and egalitarian society is being progressively shut down. Little wonder that we've missed how our laws, once used to enshrine our freedoms, are now being hijacked and distorted and used to define the permitted limits of our thinking and expression, and the societal constraints within which we are now allowed to live.

How has this come about ? Well, it happened while we were watching the footy and the cricket. It happened whilst we were having a few cans at the Sunday session. Mostly, though, it happened because Australian politicians - with few exceptions - and the Australian voting public are incredibly ignorant, stupid and naive.

In 1972, we overwhelmingly voted into The Lodge a card carrying member of the Communist Party of Australia. His mission, and that of his entourage, was to tear apart a conservative Australian culture that had kept the ALP out of power for so long. And what better way to destroy the solidarity of a culture than to splinter it into ethnic cells through the promotion of multiculturalism - a doctrine of fostering mini-nations within nations. And, as bonuses, multiculturalism acts like Roundup on the roots of nationalism and pushes many of the costs associated with out of control immigration back onto the assimilating migrant communities - with the exception of the direct cost of social welfare payments.

By 1973, multiculturalism had been presented as the new basis for immigration in a rogue speech delivered by Al Grassby, Minister for Immigration under Whitlam. It was rogue speech because Grassby contradicted Labor's own immigration policy at the time. It was, however, Fraser who became the first person to use the expression "multi-cultural society" in an Australian Parliament. The cultural and social mess that Australia is currently experiencing, therefore, can be laid fairly and squarely at the feet of these two fools.

The direct impact of adopting multiculturalism is this - if we have no expectation that migrants will adopt our culture, then how can we expect them to respect or value it ? How can we expect migrants not to abuse and undermine it ? Importantly, without the protection of assimilation, how can we expect our culture to survive ? And, ultimately, how can we expect to not be marginalised in our own nation through sheer uncontrolled volume of numbers, if we persist with our current approach to immigration ?

Until recently, whilst first generation migrants may have kept within their own communities and culture, their children and grandchildren assimilated to a much greater degree as they became institutionally "Australianised" through school and work. Such, however, will not be the case with Islamic migrants because of the religio-cultural barrier, and because of the control exercised by Australian Islamic community leaders. Whilst non-Islamic migrants are simply that - migrants, who have come to Australia in search of a safer, better life for themselves and their families - recent Islamic migrants are colonists who, wittingly or unwittingly, are helping to execute the mandates of the Muslim Brotherhood's 100 year plan for world Islamisation. The principal premise of this plan, as shaped by the Brotherhood's manifesto known as "The Project", is gradualism - achieved through infiltration, deception and targeted cultural erosion.

The current edition of FACE THE FACTS considers the process of gradualism, the creeping indoctrination of Australia and Australians, and the progressive destruction of many things we hold dear in the name of "causing no offence". In the current times, life in Australia is like a game of cringe twister, with Islam rolling the dice and Australians assuming the position.

Read more about the progressive collapse of our culture here :

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Face The Facts - Vol 1, Ed 6

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Following World War I, the League of Nations was established by the Paris Peace Conference to regulate harmony between countries at a global level. During the League's period of oversight, it failed to act against the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the Second Italo-Ethiopian War in 1935, the Japanese invasion of China in 1937, and German expansions under Adolf Hitler that culminated in the Second World War. Suffice to say, the League failed abjectly in achieving its mission. Out of the ashes of World War II and the League of Nations rose the neutered travesty euphemistically called the United Nations, with its aim of never again allowing global mass destruction through war. During the UN's reign of impotence we have been treated to the Cold War, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, genocide on a grand scale in Angola, Cambodia and - under the direct oversight of the UN itself - Rwanda. And, as its piece de resistance for the remainder of the 20th Century, the world was left teetering on the brink of a nuclear holocaust during the Bay of Pigs confrontation.

The UN is a prohibitively expensive toothless tiger that has spectacularly failed in its primary purpose - that of preventing World War III. Unfortunately, that horse has already bolted. If you think that's an extreme point of view, then look at the facts. Presently, the usual suspects of USA, Australia, Great Britain, France, and Russia are actively flying bombing missions against the self-declared Caliphate of Islamic State. Furthermore, as of 3rd December 2014, the Counter-ISIL Coalition numbered 59 nations, including the full contingents of NATO and the European Union. Sounds like a world war, doesn't it ?

Whilst ISIS' opponents may have air superiority, the Caliphate has an unlimited supply of ground troops at its disposal - the civilian populations of the land masses it either controls or threatens. Called refugees, or displaced persons, the Caliphate is using the Muslim population of the Middle East to colonise Europe and elsewhere. It has mounted a social invasion in lieu of being unable to invade Europe militarily. This is innovative warfare on a global scale, and Australia is receiving a share of the attention. 1200 immigrants may seem like a drop in the ocean, but it's a big enough voting bloq to swing an electorate in 2016 and get an Islamist elected or to force a weak politician to become "sympathetic" to Islamist machinations.

Colonisation through immigration is a highly effective and efficient means of propagating an invasion when you're cash strapped and jihadi poor. But how do you circumvent every nation's immigration and border controls ? Well, that's the easy part. You start a war and bring down such a reign of killing and terror and destruction that your invasion force mobilises of its own volition and, knowingly or unknowingly (because it makes no different to the result), executes your plan.

The latest edition of Face the Facts considers the Islamist invasion in depth, and points out that our national leaders are asleep at the wheel. There is a tipping point at which, when reached, our nation and our freedoms will be lost. Will Canberra - and the States - wake up before we get there and act courageously ? Or will our politicians and civil leaders sell us out for the perks and after parties ?

Read more here : Face the Facts Vol1 Ed6.pdf

Face The Facts - Vol 1, Ed 5

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Click on the link below to read how fear and threats - both real and perceived - are gagging free speech and the willingness of Australians to engage in any kind of debate about multi-culturalism and the colonisation-by-stealth of our wilting Nation. While the disconnect between Canberra and the rest of Australia widens, Federal Govt apathy and its failure to work in the interests of the people by whom it was elected is not only allowing - but encouraging - the Islamisation of our Nation and our once free and liberal society. Islamists preach hate and publish films that call for the destruction of Australia as we know it, and for the conversion or death of all non-Islamic people, with complete impunity. Anyone raising a voice against the Islamist vitriol does so knowing they are risk of bringing the full weight of anti-discrimination legislation down upon them. How is that fair ? How is that just ? And how is that not - of itself - discriminatory ?

Our laws and judicial system no longer protect us, and so we live in fear - of what is, and what is to come.

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Michel Houellebecq's recently published novel SUBMISSION is a fictional account of the Islamic overthrow of France (that great Republic whose national motto translates as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) by nothing more than a popular vote. That internationally recognised motto, first uttered by Robespierre during the French revolution and later enshrined within France's national psyche during the Third Republic, is in oppositional conflict to the fanatical political, social, economic and militarist system called Islam. Yet, in Houellebecq's novel, an Islamist leader rises to power in France through free elections because the French, individually and en masse, choose to submit in silence rather than resist.

Australia is heading down the same pathway. Our once great nation of individuals (who have always bucked authority and spoken our minds, who have always championed our indisputable right to a "fair go", and who - until more recently - have defiantly taken to the streets in protest against various issues when we believed our national leaders were just plain wrong) are submitting. This caving-in is especially true of our leaders and prominent community spokespersons, and also - surprisingly - of our journalists. In our time, the greatest threat to freedom and equality in our nation is its creeping Islamisation, yet our politicians, our security services and our clerics are mute and immobile. And so are the vast majority of our mostly free citizens. Free, that is, for the present.

The tectonic plates of two incompatible cultures are colliding against each other in Australia, with increasing velocity and violence. Islamist and liberal western cultures are increasingly coming into conflict, and the casualties of this conflict are the freedoms and rights that the majority of Australians have taken for granted and been able to rely upon since at least the beginning of Federation. Some of us see what is happening, but know that we are muzzled by the manipulated laws of our culture. Others see what is happening, but fear the consequences of speaking out. Others, again, have spoken out and experienced media bias or lies or physical violence at first hand.

Cultural hatred, threats, fear, repression and violence are stock in trade for Islamists. As a citizenry, we know this, yet we turn away. We see beheadings on the streets of London and the shooting murders of Australians in our cafes and public streets, and we turn away. Our vulnerable young girls and women are pack-raped by men who call them whores and sneer at and revile the freedoms inherent in our liberal western culture, and we turn away. Because we fear.

Read the latest edition of FACE THE FACTS and see how Islam uses fear and threats to advance its aims on a world wide scale. Find the answer to why raising pigeons has become the latest offence in Syria and Iraq. Learn that Jihad has a history in our nation. And see what others are saying about the information they've found in FACE THE FACTS!

Click on the link below for the latest edition of FACE THE FACTS - now being distributed and read nationally.

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The American Civil War was fought to prevent the "illegal" secession of the Confederate States, which occurred in direct response to Lincoln's mandated campaign to end slavery. The war claimed the lives of an estimated 600,000 to 750,000 military aged men. Seldom have so many deaths accomplished so little - for today, right across the world, slavery and human trafficking are alive and well. And these activities have formed the basis of very successful business models, carried out by the religio-ethnic descendants of the original slave raiders and dealers, with the same brutality and contempt as shown by their forefathers.

Sex-based human trafficking, forced marriages and the selling of children are the branches of slavery that have greatest visibility in today's developed world. The prevalence of modern day slavery may not come as a surprise, but the apparent disinterest and inability within our Western liberal Policing establishments to prevent our teenage girls and young women being abused, abducted, drugged, raped and murdered certainly does. And the global failure of Womens' Rights activists to comprehend the nature and extent of this war upon their gender is nothing short of incredulous. Or is it ? Read more about this issue, including some quite repugnant facts, in the headline article of Volume 1, Issue 3 of Face the Facts.

Want to know how much you're worth as a female ? Read the Islamic State price list for Yazidi and Christian women. Here's a hint - if you're more than 9 years old, you've already depreciated quite drastically. And by the age of 20, your value to IS has dropped to half that of a girl aged 9 or less.

On page 3 of this issue, find out why iconic blonde haired, blue eyed Danish and Swedish women are dying their hair black, and learn how Islam views women of all theistic persuasions - including those who are themselves practitioners of Islam.

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Read Issue 3 here: Face the Facts Vol1, Ed3.pdf